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I basically put this girl on the pedestal n now she's lost her feelings for me... What should I do?!

The reason you’re asking is because you think you want her back. I understand how much it may hurt right now because you put forward all of your love for this woman and she just took threw it all back at you. 

In my opinion, I think you should forget about her, but it’s not as easy as it seems. I know, but what do you think you should do? 

If you attempt to chase her again, would that make a difference or would it make you seem as though you’re desperate? I don’t want to see you hurt and i think if you do try to chase her again, it might just happen again. 

Why waste your time with someone who doesn’t have mutual feelings about you?

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From what you’ve told me how he’s a sweet, caring young man, I think you’re overreacting. Because you like him so much, you want to see him and you’re anxious to know when the next time will be, but you must let him be. The thing you can do is try to be there for him. Talk to him if he needs help and see what you’re able to do to ease his stress. 

Simple as talking to him and sharing your life experiences with him will do the trick. Nothing brings two people closer than sharing life experiences and values. 

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Hey Lily so me and this girl are talking, well I feel like we are talking, but I also feel like if I don't try, then she wouldn't care and we wouldn't be talking

Hello! (: if you feel as though you both are “talking” why don’t you go for it? If there is a connection and attraction, why not try to flirt with her and see where that takes you. 

If she flirts back and you can tell she likes you, don’t let it go! Or if there’s been a build up of chemistry already, ask her if you guys are “talking” just to be sure and make sure you both are on the same page. Being on the same page is very important from the start because it helps build a healthy relationship in the long run. 

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I knew this girl for six years. She was pretty much someone I saw very close like a bff. She was there for all of my boyfriend stuff. She had a bad history with me once with my first ex, but we cleared it up through a confrontation. This past summer she has crossed a line I couldn't really forgive until months later or now. She slept with my most recent ex knowing my feelings weren't fully cleared up with him. Should I be her friend still? I do miss her. We hung out almost all the time.

Sorry it took me awhile to get to this but I think a best friend is someone you can trust with your life if it was to be put on the line. 

I think you should talk to her again and see what she has to say before deciding what to do because I understand that you don’t want to lose this friendship but make her, she is someone you can trust. Trust is something hard to earn,do you think you can forgive and be okay with her? 

That’s the question. If you think you can drop it and be ready to be friends with her right away, then be her friend. BUT if you can’t, don’t be as close to her as you were. 

There are girl codes just as males have guy codes. I’m sure there is something that tells us that we shouldn’t sleep with their best friend’s ex. 

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How do you get out of the friendzone?
  1. CREATE MORE COMPETITION. Maybe you’re both into a sport or have the same class. Compete with her in something. It makes it more fun to joke around and it’ll be easier to talk to her which gives you the chance to be closer to her. Also, try to make her jealous by talking about a new girl you saw to see how she reacts. If she’s jealous, you’re not that far away from escaping the friend zone. 
  2. BE LESS INTERESTED. Sometimes females or even males don’t realize what they have in front of them until you start disappearing. Until they realize they don’t have your acknowledgment you gave them before. it’s better to not always text them, actually wait for them to text you or for them to make the call. 
  3. BE A GENTLEMAN. Treat her with respect. When a woman says no, it means no. Don’t force her. Don’t guilt trip her. It’ll make her not want to speak to you or acknowledge your existence even more. BE COOL, and keep your CALM. No one wants to date someone who is rough, someone who spits, someone who burps out loud, someone who doesn’t open their door for them, someone who doesn’t even have respect for themselves. Dress like a gentleman and be one. People may say “girls” love  ”assholes” but they still manage to love that type of person, maybe that’s not the one for you in the long run.  
  4. ENCOURAGE MORE PHYSICAL FLIRTING.  During a conversation, create a physical type of flirting such as a touch on the arm while laughing or talking. When you’re talking to someone, make sure you look into their eyes as you speak. 
  5. IMPROVE YOURSELF. Make positive changes about yourself. Be confident about yourself. Do things that will make you feel better about yourself. You must love yourself before she approves of you. 
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Can a girl who reject you, gain feelings for you afterwards?

Yes, but it depends if you’re willing to keep trying without having to bring up the past later on. I think it’s possible because people change. You also have to take into consideration as to what she said when she rejected you, that may also change whether she would change her mind or not. 

Just like people say “nice guys finish last.” That phrase is not true because they don’t try go out of their way to have fun. They think about how she feels too much. Let loose, be yourself, be confident and have fun. 

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Hey Lily, can you do something? Can you pray for me? I just lost someone I care deeply for.

I just prayed for your loved one and for you. Hope your loved one is in a better place. You will get through this obstacle for God has only given us an obstacle for us to learn something new to become a stronger person. 

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Well lily, I actually have your number so could I text you about my problems? Lol

Yes of course haha (:

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What’s being posted?

I wanted to make sure this tumblr is kept to the minimum exposure of my personal life. Therefore I won’t be posting any pictures of my personal life or the people I love. This is specifically for everyone else.

Questions will be answered privately if we’re having a conversation and if I’m told in the question to withhold from posting.

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So I met this girl thru a mutual Friend, and we started talking, she told me I should be more confident because I was cute, then she gave me her number to text her, but when we text it's usually me doing all the talking, and sometimes I feel like she doesn't really want to talk to me, and I'm usually the one that has to be the one to text her first, so I don't know what to think about it :(

Many females do this. “Cute” is an overrated word and we use it for everything.

" The puppy is so cute!" "He’s so cute!" " girl, she’s so cute right?" That purse is cute. You get it right ?

She may tell you to text her but it can be two things:
1) She doesn’t want to talk even though she said she did
2) She wants to see how far you would go and see if you’re interesting enough to be worth her time.

You should always be confident though. Doesn’t matter what she says. Females find confidence to be extremely attractive. Don’t be cocky but be confident in everything you do. You’ll find someone who will be worth your time.

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After confessing a girl I liked how I felt towards her she replied "awwwww we'll see ok?" Wtf does that mean? Friendzoned?

It means she’ll figure it out later but 9/10 it means your friend zoned.

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Yes, I would have to agree that thinking about your ex is normal but is it normal that even if I'm sitting next to someone else, a girl that I'm "talking" to or a girl that I'm with, I still think about her after so many years thinking if this was her it would be picture perfect. I've done something's that are unforgivable, something's that I'm not proud of. The worst things you can think of.. Is there any coming back from all that?

I think everyone has their limit. You know her better than I do, so you must know what her limit was, correct? No one is mister or ms. goody two shoes, so everything that we do has a consequence but as long as we learn from it, it may be forgiven. 

If you believe that you can rekindle things with her, then you just have to build up the courage and ask her, even if that means crashing and burning. But at least you’ll know one way or another, and then you can move on.

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Okay so how long is a reasonable amount of time to wait for someone without looking desperate. Was with this girl we broke up I waited a while, sorta moved but can't find no one better or even close to how it was with her we don't talk but everyday I think about what if.. It's actually Been couple years since we broke up but till this day I still have thoughts about her, what's ur take on that?

Let me clarify this, so you’re wanting to speak to her again as friends or as in you want to get back with her? 

The grass always looks greener on the other side meaning when you break up, you have to make sure that it’s for all the right reasons because once you do so, you can’t go back wondering “what the hell happened?” 

Ultimately in my opinion, I think if you’re wondering what if so much, then talk to her but don’t expect much out of it. For all we know she has already moved on but THIS - what you’re gonna do.. it’s for yourself. it’s for you to know that you shouldn’t have to think “what if” anymore. 

And I understand that you still have thoughts of her, but ask around, ask even one of your friends if they ever thought about one of their exes. It’s completely normal. 

Think about it and tell me what you think (: 

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you are such a positive pretty perfect girl haha i feel like this blog is gonna be really nice I'm looking forward to it lily!

Thank you! (: I can’t wait to see how it turns out as well 

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