Okay, thank you so much! (:

no problem! (: good luck. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you 

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kk tell me everything about CSULA xD

hha ask me more specific 

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The linked didn't work for me! :( but which option would be best if I am wanting to become an RN? Or does it not really matter? (:

That depends on what kind of RN you want to become. I think the DEM provides a lot of trauma and action. It’s a great opportunity to discover if this is where you belong. Along with the DEM and working in the big ER you can also volunteer in the OET which is another plus. 

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Ask me about CSULA or those who want to become a Golden Eagle!

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Hi Lily! So I am interested in being a volunteer at the LAC+USC Medical Center and I was wondering how I start the process?(:

Hello! You can definitely start by going online 


fill out the application and turn it in. Check DEM if you want to be volunteering in the ER, which is where I’m at or you can become an adult volunteer which is random assignments of paperwork, inpatient, outpatient. If you’re a Junior volunteer then fill that one out. 

It takes about 30-90 days before you get a call back for an interview. Make sure you put great references! Let me know who you are and maybe I’ll see you around (:

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Hey Lily so my gf broke up with me for a month now and i cant get over her because I love her so much. In fact I know that she still loves me. Reason why we broke up was she couldn't trust me as I was trying to please everyone around me which I now notice is impossible. what are the steps you suggest for me to get back with her?. However she said she is seeing someone else but not dating. I feel like shes using him as a rebound. We were together for a full year.

Sometimes people move on very quickly, whether it can be a few days, or weeks. If there was a lot of damage done, it’s hard to say if it is the best choice to get back. if you are still talking to her, it’s already a step to getting  back with her. If she didn’t want you in her life and she wanted to move on, she would have stopped talking to you. 

I think you just need to continue talking to her and see where it takes you. Just remember to think about how this is going to affect you, and will it have an healthy affect on you. 

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What colour heels go well with a dark purple dress? :)

depends what kind of dress this is (:

picture, and I’ll be able to match

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How do you get over someone you like but at the same time don't want to lose them as a friend?

This all depends on you and how you perceive the situation. You can try to stop hanging out with them for your recovery time but still text or talk to them or you can simply ignore the fact you’ve ever liked them. Either possible decision you make, it requires some thought and self control. 

It’s not easy simply letting go of someone that you can’t have but just think about there is someone out there for you . Someone who is waiting for you who doesn’t need you be no one else but yourself. 

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Is it ever possible to get out of the friend zone?

Yes it is, but it requires patience and the a lot of bravery to do so because no one likes to be rejected. 

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I was flirting with a girl for awhile and it looked like we were gonna date. We even made plans to go out soon. Then all of a sudden, she got back with her ex! How should I react/treat her? I really thought we could've been something great. But I have no idea how to talk to her now! I feel like it'll just be weird because I'm a little mad/hurt while she's off with her bf. I feel like I was just left out to dry, you know? Like she just played me

Yeah, I understand how you might feel. I feel that because you have anger towards her, you should take your own space and when you’re ready to talk, talk to her about it. if not, just leave it alone and move on. 

And it sounds like you were just there to be there until she made the decision of who to pick, so she did play with your feelings. 

Take the time to think about it before causing a bigger problem for yourself like trying to talk to her immediately. You might still want her, that’s why taking time for your own space is better. 

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Stand for what is RIGHT even if you are standing ALONE.

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# posts,
I basically put this girl on the pedestal n now she's lost her feelings for me... What should I do?!

The reason you’re asking is because you think you want her back. I understand how much it may hurt right now because you put forward all of your love for this woman and she just took threw it all back at you. 

In my opinion, I think you should forget about her, but it’s not as easy as it seems. I know, but what do you think you should do? 

If you attempt to chase her again, would that make a difference or would it make you seem as though you’re desperate? I don’t want to see you hurt and i think if you do try to chase her again, it might just happen again. 

Why waste your time with someone who doesn’t have mutual feelings about you?

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From what you’ve told me how he’s a sweet, caring young man, I think you’re overreacting. Because you like him so much, you want to see him and you’re anxious to know when the next time will be, but you must let him be. The thing you can do is try to be there for him. Talk to him if he needs help and see what you’re able to do to ease his stress. 

Simple as talking to him and sharing your life experiences with him will do the trick. Nothing brings two people closer than sharing life experiences and values. 

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# advice,
Hey Lily so me and this girl are talking, well I feel like we are talking, but I also feel like if I don't try, then she wouldn't care and we wouldn't be talking

Hello! (: if you feel as though you both are “talking” why don’t you go for it? If there is a connection and attraction, why not try to flirt with her and see where that takes you. 

If she flirts back and you can tell she likes you, don’t let it go! Or if there’s been a build up of chemistry already, ask her if you guys are “talking” just to be sure and make sure you both are on the same page. Being on the same page is very important from the start because it helps build a healthy relationship in the long run. 

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# advice,
I knew this girl for six years. She was pretty much someone I saw very close like a bff. She was there for all of my boyfriend stuff. She had a bad history with me once with my first ex, but we cleared it up through a confrontation. This past summer she has crossed a line I couldn't really forgive until months later or now. She slept with my most recent ex knowing my feelings weren't fully cleared up with him. Should I be her friend still? I do miss her. We hung out almost all the time.

Sorry it took me awhile to get to this but I think a best friend is someone you can trust with your life if it was to be put on the line. 

I think you should talk to her again and see what she has to say before deciding what to do because I understand that you don’t want to lose this friendship but make her, she is someone you can trust. Trust is something hard to earn,do you think you can forgive and be okay with her? 

That’s the question. If you think you can drop it and be ready to be friends with her right away, then be her friend. BUT if you can’t, don’t be as close to her as you were. 

There are girl codes just as males have guy codes. I’m sure there is something that tells us that we shouldn’t sleep with their best friend’s ex. 

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# advice,